Commercial Legal Expenses for Private Roads, Land, Driveways, Unadopted Roads & Woodland

Legal Expenses Insurance (which is often called Legal Protection Cover) is taken out to help protect your legal rights and cover the costs occurred defending a legal claim made against you, or your residents association / management company, for your Private Road, land you own, your Driveway, your unadopted road or your woodlands.  It will also cover the cost of expert witnesses and any legal council.

Legal Expenses InsuranceLegal Advice

Not only will you have expert help during the time of a legal claim or dispute but you will also get access to legal advice over the telephone that you can use for guidance and support, giving you access to legal experts.

Legal defence can be a very costly thing and unfortunately in today’s world it is now a common occurrence.  Legal Expenses cover will help to ease the worry caused from a legal dispute and provide you with support and advice as well as cover the actual legal costs.

Cover for your Private Road, Unadopted Road, Land or Woodland

Some of the things covered under Legal Expenses Insurance Cover are:

  • Health and Safety Investigation
  • Property Damage and protection
  • Trespass and Nuisance
  • Contract Disputes over the sale of your private road
  • HMRC Tax enquiry
  • Employee Disputes
  • Legal Defence
  • Personal Injury
  • Debt Recovery
  • Attendance Expenses

With a Legal Protection Policy you will also get:

  • Year-round access to legal advice
  • Emergency Helpline

Typically, Legal Expenses Insurance provides cover up from £50,000 to £250,000 per claim which usually cover the costs of legal proceedings including the fees of Expert Witnesses, Barristers, Solicitors, Court Fines, Court fees as well as any legal costs that are awarded to the other side.

For more information on Commercial Legal Expense Insurance for your Private Road please contact us on 01872 484025 or via our Contact Page.

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