Employers Liability Insurance

What is Private Road Employers Liability Insurance?

If you, or the management company/residents association employ people (for example a gardener, maintenance man etc) then you will need Employers Liability.   Employers Liability is an extension of a basic Private Roads Insurance policy and not something that is normally taken out on it’s own.  If you are unsure on whether you need Employers Liability for your Private Driveway, Private Path, Private Lane, Private Road, Unadopted Road, land, field or woodlands then please read this page as it will provide you with some useful information.  If after reading this you still feel unsure on whether you need Employers Liability then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

What does Employers Liability cover?

If an employee (present or past employee) makes a claim against you (a good example of this would be an employee tripping over on your private road) then this would be picked up under the Employers Liability section of your Private Roads Insurance policy, and will pay out for any compensation the employee claims as well as any legal costs.

Private Road Employers Liability Insurance

Is Private Roads Employers Liability Insurance required by Law?

In 1969 the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act was introduced in the United Kingdom.  Employers Liability Insurance ensures that you have the minimum level of insurance cover against any claims from employee’s (current or past) against work related illnesses or injuries.  The basic cover for this is £5 Million, but most insurance companies provide £10 Million as standard.

Failure to have Employers Liability Insurance can lead to a minimum fine of £2,500 for each and every day you are without cover.

For further information you can read the governments guide to Employers Liability to see how it relates to your Private Road employee’s.

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Am I exempt from having to have Employers Liability Insurance?

Some businesses are not legally required to take out Employers Liability Insurance.  Basically you do not need it if:

  • Your Company has no employees
  • Your company is a family business that employs only family members

For further information on exemption please have a look at The Association of British Insurers website.

What if I hire people to carry out work on my private road?

If you hire people to carry out work on your Private Road then technically you should need Employers Liability Insurance. You should check with them that they have their own insurance and ask them to provide proof of such before allowing them to carry out any work.

Normally contractors that are hired out for this kind of work are not regarded as employee’s and so Employers Liability cover would not be required.

Where does Employers Liability cover?

Employers Liability for your Private Road covers anywhere in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  If you are located outside this area then you may need to call us to discuss, or use our contact form to contact us.

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