What Private Roads Insurance Products Do We Offer?

As specialists in Private Road Insurance we can guide you on what products are available and advise you on what options are available to you.

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Here at privateroadinsurance.co.uk we can offer you the following information on the types of Private Road Insurance products that are available to you.

Private Road Products:

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance is one of the most important insurance policies for your private road.  In a nutshell Public Liability covers….. Read More

Material Damage

Material Damage Insurance indemnifies your private roads common parts, providing what is called ‘All Risks Cover’ for the Private lanes Fences, barriers, lampposts, street furniture, walls, gates, and…… Read More

Employers Liability

If you, or the management company/residents association employ people (for example a gardener, maintenance man etc) then yes you need Employers Liability.   Employers Liability is an extension…… Read More

Commercial Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Insurance (which is often called Legal Protection Cover) is taken out to help protect your legal rights and cover the costs occurred defending a legal claim made against….. Read More


Engineering Damage to Plant & Machinery cover is available for any machinery you may have on your private road which could include Electric Barriers, Elehttps://privateroadinsurance.co.uk/engineering/privateroadinsurance.co.ukctric Gates, and similar machinery.  The main focus…. Read More

Directors & Officers

Often known as D&O Liability Insurance or D&O Cover; Directors and Officers Insurance is designed to help cover the cost of any compensation claims that a third party has made against your… Read More

Loss Recovery

In the event of a Private Road property or business interruption claim in excess of £5,000 you could end up spending hours and hours preparing and dealing with your claim.  With a Loss Recovery Insurance…Read More

Removal Of Trees

If you have a tree, or multiple trees surrounding your Private Road, Private Lane or similar throughway then it would be a good idea to take out a…Read More

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