How do I insure my Private Road?

Private Roads Insurance?  So what’s the big deal?

Did you know that there are over 40,000 private roads in England and Wales! And many of them do not have any form of insurance.  Many people are not even aware that it is their responsibility to have some form of insurance for them.  If you are one of these people then you could be leaving yourself open to potential claims if a member of the public has an accident on your private road or private path.

What if I have a private path rather than a road?

It makes no difference whether you have a private road, private path, private driveway or private access road – you still are responsible to have insurance for it

private lane needs insurance

But I have a sign up warning people!

Unfortunately nowadays this just does not cut it!  Putting a sign up will not protect you against a member of the public making a claim.

So what do I need for my private road?

The main cover you need is Public Liability.  This is very important as it covers any costs arising from compensation and legal action made against you if a third party is injured or if their property (for example their car) suffers any damage.  A good example of this is somebody turning around on your private road and reversing into your electric barrier and damaging their car.

You can also choose to include cover for your barriers and electric fences etc you may have along your private road.

Will this insurance cover me for the maintenance costs of my road?

Unfortunately no.  Insurance policies such as this will not provide a payout for when you have to maintain your road as this is considered to be ‘wear and tear’.  Much like a car insurance policy does not cover you for the cost of worn out parts such as a fan belt.

What if I live in a block of flats that has a private road?

If you live in a block of flats or apartments that has a private road, then it is the responsibility of each flat owner to insure the road.  It is advisable to form some form of residents association for this and have an agreement in place to split the cost of insurance between each member.

This all seems to be more trouble than it’s worth!

For the sake of taking 5 minutes to complete our contact form and an annual small premium, you can then relax knowing you are covered for the year.  If in doubt think about the stress that comes from somebody slipping on your road resulting in a life threatening injury which could result in a claim in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.  All it takes is for that person to be unable to work again, and claim for loss of earnings.

I hope you find the information we provide of use.

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Last updated: 12th November 2016

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