Land Insurance

Speak to us if you own land and would like to insure it to protect against liability claims.

Our Essential Guide to Land Insurance

Land insurance also known as land owners insurance is specialist liability cover to protect you financially from claims brought against you.

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For peace of mind, insure your land for when something goes wrong – by protecting your legal liability.

We can answer any question you may ask; whether you have purchased land for development, for speculative future value increase or for any other purpose.

If you are looking to insure a road, then we’d recommend checking out our private roads page Private Road Insurance Quote form.

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Tell me the risk?

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 ( CROW Act ) gives freedom of movement on certain private land. Legal rights in terms of possession of the land mean a pedestrian, hiker, dog or another person of the public may trespass on your property or fall and submit a claim.

Even if your land doesn’t currently have a public right of access you might provide permitted access or even no access at any point but you could still be responsible for injuries sustained by someone on your land.

Third party property damages are another risk that you may face as a land owner . Land insurance can help mitigate the financial risks to you. The cover provided is known as land liability, public liability, property owners liability and liability cover.

How do I get a free land insurance / land liability insurance quote?

To obtain a quote for your land, you can fill out our quote form (we’ll need a few details such as the full name of all landowners, contact number, address of the land, any rights of way on the land, any previous claims).

Or you can call us to discuss your situation with one of our insurance professionals. Otherwise, we can email you our land liability insurance quote proposal form.

The price/premium is related to the risk such as the type of land, the size, water courses and its use.

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What is Land Owners Liability insurance?

Well, Land liability / Land insurance cover provides insurance to the owner of lands for loss and/or damage of its ownership. This policy could cover you for injury or trespass caused by visitors on your land.

If you have a commercial building it could be possible to include property owners liability in a buildings insurance policy including liability for the nearby land and highways.

You can also include liability insurance for your property when it covers the farm for unauthorized activities to your extent. All kinds of ‘land’ can be covered including but not exclusively: land, buildings and farmland.

That extra piece of land that came with your new home could prove to be a real asset

If the land becomes part of the home you’ll need to check with your home insurer if they can extend cover for it under your home insurance. If it’s on a seperate title, then they are unlikely to extend cover.

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What cover can you provide?

Land owner / public liability insurance will insure the owner (the insured) against any damage caused as a result of their property. Insurance can also be obtained for government disclosures, employers liability damages, costs of legal aid and damages incurred. As a most case, most of this cover can be included sometimes without any additional cost.

We specialise in land and private road liability. Unlike brokers who know very little about many different types of cover, we concentrate on understanding details about specific classes of cover. Land insurance is one of these. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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Do you allow special features on the land?

Insurer’s can cover many different types of features on your parcel of land such as children playground equipment, where access to members of the public is provided, non-residential buildings, animals, automatically gated gates and barriers and even water sources such as rivers, lakes and streams. We can usually find an insurer to accomodate most scenarios.

What type of people can you help?

Our help is available to any type of land owner no matter if it is a business group, members or one individual.

Type of land could include

  • Brownfield land insurance
  • Development site insurance
  • Undeveloped pasture land insurance
  • Field insurance
  • Sports field insurance
  • Car park insurance
  • Parking lot security
  • Open land insurance
  • Communal gardens insurance
  • Developed land insurance
  • Industrial land insurance
  • Retail park insurance

Land insurance may include:

  • Hazards such as water courses (streams, lakes and rivers).

What next?

Since every piece of land is different (different location, different sizes, site etc) it is not possible to give an exact amount on how much land insurance will cost, so in order to obtain a fast quote that is tailor made for your specific circumstances the best and fastest way is to complete our online quote form. If you prefer speaking to someone then you can call us on 01872 484025. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a price for a policy.